Motor Details Table  -- Key data you can use
for understanding 29mm -- 98mm Aerotech
motors (weight, thrust, duration, max rocket
weight, estimated reload prices)
Astralis Rocketry Corp.
Techniques & Data
DISCLAIMER:  By using these files, you assume full responsibility and liability for anything you do with the
information in them AND you unconditionally hold harmless Astralis Rocketry Corp. and its owner(s).
Building the LOC Avbay (MS-Excel
format)-- A step-by-step for building an
Avionics Bay from an LOC E-Bay kit based
on 2 coupler tubes, bulkplates and hardware.
Two-Tube Dual Deploy -- A drawing
showing the basic concept of Dual
Deployment using a 3-Tube body structure.
Three-Tube Dual Deploy -- A drawing
showing the basic concept of Dual
Deployment using a 3-Tube body structure.
Building an Egg Lofter Rocket -- A
step-by-step building a lightweight rocket
with a 16" payload section for F and G
Pad Manager CheckList (MS-Excel) -- Key
responsibilities for a Pad Manager at a launch.  
You can customize these to your needs.
Motor Classification Table -- A summary of the
classifications of Motors, Safe Distances and
Certification Levels based on NAR & Tripoli
Rocketry Code
AT Delay Kit Table  -- A handy Aerotech RDK
Kit Delay Cross Reference formatted from a
source at Red Arrow Hobbies' website
RSO CheckList (MS-Excel Format) -- Key
responsibilities for a Range Safety Officer at a
launch.  You can customize these to your needs.
Fiberglassing Body Tubes  -- A
step-by-step of how to apply the Giant Leap
Rocketry EasyGlas Sock to a body tube
Fiberglassing Fins Tip-To-Tip  -- A
step-by-step procedure of how to apply
free-form fiberglass to fins after they've been
mounted (in this case, Carbon Fiber and FG).
Fiberglassing Fins Tip-To-Tip  -- A photo
slide show of the procedure above.  This is a
self-executing Powerpoint PPS and no
software other than OS is needed
Adding Nose Weight  -- A step-by-step for
adding lead-shot weight to the Nose Cone.  In
most cases, ARC prefers a longer rocket to
weight in the nose cone.
Pre-Flight CheckList  -- A critical checklist used
successfully on an L3-Certification flight for
preparing and launching in the Field (in MS-Word
DOC format so you can customize as you like)
Architecture & Design
Procedures for Enhancing
Key Data Sheets for the Field
Procedures for Building Complete
Rockets or Components
Field Procedures
Building a Level-2 Dual Deploy Rocket --
A step-by-step with photos for building a
Leve-2 Dual Deploy (3-tube) rocket.

Build an L-2